Tularosa Community Ditch

The Tularosa Community Ditch believes that water should be protected so
that future generations can grow food and have a healthy and secure
source of water for needs within the community. We honor the customs and
traditions existing within our Acequia and seek to govern the Tularosa
Community Ditch to continue the connection between our land, water, and
culture in perpetuity

The purpose of the Tularosa Ditch Community is to:

  • Promote the agricultural uses of water on the lands served by the
  • Promote the efficient and beneficial use of water.
  • Sustain customs and traditions of providing water to members in a
    manner that is fair and equitable.
  • Protect and defend the rights and interests of the Acequia.
  • Maintain the infrastructure and easements of the Acequia

What's Inside

Recent News and Announcements

Welcome to the Tularosa Ditch Community website where we will work to supply all needed and requested information to keep the community and our members informed about the constantly developing culture of water rights ownership.

Watering Schedules

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